Cultural and historical tourism

Near Glavatarci you can see "Perpericon" Thracian fortress and "Tatul" sanctuary which give you the opportunity to add to your knowledge the culture of the ancient tribes that lived on this land thousands of years ago. The natural phenomenon "Vulvata" /rock cave/ and the rock niche that was built 30m above the ground reveal the beauty of the nature. In the Regional Historical museum you can see the exhibition, consisting of three sections - Archeology, Ethnography and Mineralogy. The museum is located in an old-three storey building, which is an arcitectural monument. It was built in 1920`s and was originally scheduled for Muslim religious school. In the early 80`s the building was adapted for museum purposes. This includes sites such as "Stone Wedding" whose shapes are formed due to volcanic activity, the fortress "Monyak" cave "Karangil" , fortress "Visegrad" , cult complex Lisitsite, a medieval bridge at the village Nenkovo, ​​"Stremski labyrinths" , "Rock window" protected area "Fist rock" and the medieval monastery complex "St. Joan Podrom."


Fishing and hunting tourism

The artificial lake offers excellent conditions to fish carp, sheat-fish, white fish, perch, etc.


For a jolly atmosphere in the night hours you can go to"Glavatarski han", "Trifon zarezan", "Pri garka" restaurants as well as "Mobi dik" floating restaurant.