Glavatartsi village is located in the Eastern Rhodopes, on a hill climbing between two branches of Kardjali dam.

It is situated at 368 meters above sea level. For thousands of years this Rhodopean region has been a cradle of various civilizations and cultures. There were settlements inhabited by Thracians, Hellenes, Romans, Slavs, Proto- Bulgarians, Byzantines, Latins and Ottoman Turks. Evidence that there was a village life in the place of today’s Glavatartsi is the ancient earthens discovered during the construction of the house. They are dated back to IVth century BC, when these areas were inhabited by the Thracian tribe Bessi.

Туристическото с. Главатарци
язовир Кърджали
  • Until the early 1960s Glavatartsi was a well-developed village. According to a 1956 census of population it has 50 households, 41 buildings and 298 inhabitants. During the period 1957-1963 the construction of Kardzhali dam started. The water is planned to flood several villages along the Arda River, including the center of the village of “Iglovrah”. In recent days when the level of water in the dam drops a lot, the remains of rural buildings can be seen.
  • The dam changes not only the landscapes of the area but also the lives of the people. The lack of a nearby center village makes many young people move to the “Encez” village, or to the town of Kardzhali, where there are better living conditions. The population ages. The main occupation of people is livestock and tobacco. The houses are built in the typical for this region style – entirely of stone and loam bricks, and the roofs with stone tiles. Today the old look of the village has been replaced by new construction preserving the Rhodope style.
  • The beginning of the new construction in the village starts with the construction of the Kardzhali Forest Farm in 1984, when the mountain slopes are actively planted. The place is attractive with its beauty and tranquility, and several more villas of families from the nearby town of Kardzhali soon appear. During the period from 1989 to 1994, the village is almost deserted. But soon, the land began to be bought quickly, the first hotels and guest houses appeared, and a new life began, especially during the summer months.
  • The village of Glavatartsi is already a popular tourist destination. Everyone staying in the village finds that Glavatartsi is a wonderful place to relax for tourists who have decided to visit the historical and natural landmarks in the region or for celebrations on various occasions. The beauty, the charm and the uniqueness of this mountain village are incredible. The virgin nature, the clean air and the incredible landscapes predispose every tourist to a tranquil and harmonious holiday. Feel the history of an old Thracian settlement that is still alive today…



village of Glavatartsi, №1, Kardzhali