Cultural and historical tourism

The proximity of the Thracian fortress “Perperikon” and the “Tatul” Sanctuary provide you with an excellent opportunity to enrich your knowledge of ancient culture, and the tribes inhabited these lands thousands of years ago. The natural phenomenon “Vulvata” (rock cave) and the rock niches, built at 30m height reveal the beauty of nature. At the Kardzhali Regional History Museum you can see an exhibition consisting of three sections – Archeology, Mineralogy and Ethnography. The museum is located in an ancient three-floor building that is an architectural monument of culture. It was built in 1920 and originally intended for a Muslim spiritual school. In the early 80’s, the building was adapted for museum purposes. Here are also attractions such as the “Stone Wedding”, whose bizarre shapes have been formed as a result of volcanic activity, the “Monyak” Fortress, the “Carangil” Cave, the “Visegrad” Fortress, the cult complex near the village of Lesitsite, the Medieval bridge near the village of Nenkovo, the “Stremski” labyrinths, the natural landmark” Rock window “, the protected area” Fist rock “and the medieval monastery complex” St.Joan”.

Fishing and hunting tourism

The dam offers excellent conditions for fishing for carp, catfish, “tullstolob”, white fish, squash, perch, etc. Hunting tourism on wild boar, deer and moufflon is available on request at “Jenda” game farm and “Studen Kladenets” game farm.


For your good mood in the evenings, the restaurants of the “Rocca” Resort, Hotel“Glavatarski Han”, Family Hotel“St. Constantine”, “Trifon Zarezan” Family Hotel, “At the Greek” and Floating Pontoon “Moby Dik” are available.

Sights in the region

Archaeological complex “Perperikon”

“Perperikon” is an archeological complex, a large megalith sanctuary. It is supposed that this is the ancient sanctuary of Dionysus of the Thracian tribe of sats, whose priests were the Bessi. “Perperikon” is located in the Eastern Rhodope Mauntain, 15 km northeast of...

Archaeological complex “Tatul”

Archaeological complex "Tatul" is located 2 km west of the village of Nanovitsa and 15 km east of Momchilgrad. Only 200 m away from the village, in the “Kaya Bashi” area, is one of the most magnificent megalithic monuments on the Bulgarian lands. His exact date is...

The “Womb” cave

The "Womb” cave is a natural horizontal slit in the rock, 22 meters deep, which has been further cut by a human hand. The height of the hole is 3 meters, and the width is about 2.50 meters. There is enough light inside. The whole cave is literally shaped like a female...

The rock phenomenon “Stone Wedding”

The rock phenomenon called "Stone Wedding" is located near the village of Zimzelen, a few kilometers east of Kardzhali. The rock formations stretch over an area of ​​about 40 acres and represent a truly beautiful view. Like the Rock mushrooms near the village of Beli...

Archaeological Museum

Archaeological Museum is located near the city center to the source path of Haskovo. The building was built in the early 20s of the twentieth century, designed by prof. Pomeriantsev, professor at the Art Academy in St. Petersburg. Like most museum buildings in...

The medieval monastery complex “St. Joan Podrom “

There are few cities in Bulgaria who have restored monastery complex. The medieval monastery complex "St. Joan Podrom " was founded in 6-8 century.In the beginning of the 9th century fortified monastery was built on the site of a small church took the relics of...

Protected area ” Fist Rock”

The Protected Site "Fist Rock" was announced for a protected area by Order No.569 / 31.10.2000 with the following purpose: Conservation of populations of protected and endangered species of animals and plants , including Chukar , owl , Roller , rock Swallow ,...

Natural landmark ” Rock Window “

The "Rock window" natural landmark is located near the village of Kostino, in an area with an exceptional landscape. It is a natural landmark formed under the influence of a lush gully that passes beneath it. This is a magnificent rock bridge hanging in the air...

Ancient mines ” Stremski labyrinths”

"Stremski labyrinths" are located in the land between the villages of Rani List and Stremtsi. Next to it is a stoned trail that leads to the village of Sipey. The entrances are visible above. There are very well preserved galleries of mines for gold mining (III-I BC)...




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