Welcome to the historic village of Lisitsite, once accessible only by a rope bridge over the Vurbitsa River. In the 1950s, with the creation of the Studen Kladenets Dam, it became necessary to build a new bridge, connecting this cozy village with the rest of the world.

The rope bridge to Lisitsite is situated above the reservoir, serving as the sole means of reaching the settlement on the opposite side. Spanning a length of 260 meters between the columns, the bridge proudly holds the title of the country’s longest rope bridge, constructed in the distant year of 1975.

In 1993, due to an incident involving a snapped rope that resulted in the loss of a human life, urgent repairs were initiated on the bridge. Today, it stands completely safe for passage, following thorough restoration and improvements.

To visit this unique rope bridge to Lisitsite, head in the direction of the village of Shiroko Pole. At the end of the village, follow the clearly discernible path or the railway line. The distance to the bridge via the path is approximately 2 km and can be covered in a short time – just 20 minutes. Share this historical route with friends and family to create memories intertwined with the unique atmosphere of Lisitsite village and its magnificent rope bridge. Read more…





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