The discovery of the Orlovi Skali represents a historical treasure for Bulgaria. Their Thracian roots contribute to enriching our cultural heritage. This rock-cult complex, located near Ardino, presents a unique combination of natural beauty and archaeological richness.

Consisting of a hundred rock niches, standing 70 cm tall and with a depth of 34 cm, the Orlovi Skali bear witness to the ancient rituals and customs of the Thracian tribes. Their trapezoidal shape and precise carving into the sheer volcanic rocks make them unique to the region. Despite now only 97 remaining due to the destruction of three, they continue to impress with their scale and mystery.

Research indicates that the Thracians used these niches for religious and ritual purposes. The most popular theory is that they served as funerary urns, with traces of ritual burning found around them. Similar rock sanctuaries are found in other areas of the Eastern Rhodope Mountains, with their arrangement lacking a specific pattern, thus enhancing their mystery. Thracian craftsmen carved the niches onto smooth rock surfaces.

From the Orlovi Skali to other similar sanctuaries in the region, these artifacts offer an exciting glimpse into the mysteries of ancient Thracian customs and beliefs. The uncovering of their secrets continues to inspire both our contemporary scholars and history enthusiasts. Read more…






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