Introducing one of the most remarkable places in the Eastern Rhodope Mountains – the Rock Sanctuary of Harman Kaya. It is also known as Raven Rock. This magnificent prehistoric cult complex, carved into the heart of nature, presents an astonishing combination of natural formations and artificially created structures.

Located within the Nanovishka volcanic caldera, Harman Kaya impresses with its diversity of forms – from two cave-like chambers, through rectangular and circular basins, to trapezoidal niches and observation platforms. Noteworthy is the petroglyph named “The Chicken,” which further enriches the cultural heritage of the site.

Discovered as early as 1941 by Professor Vasil Mikov, the complex has been the subject of interest and study for many years. Scientific teams dating back to the Chalcolithic period have studied the site. Despite partial exploration, many consider Harman Kaya to be of Thracian origin. Its great value lies in the historical discoveries that reveal the contours of “the largest Thracian city.”

Access to the complex is challenging, with towering cliffs surrounding the massif. The entrance on the territory of the Rock Sanctuary of Harman Kaya is only possible through the Karabedik Dere Valley. Just before the entrance, a small artificial cave rises. It indicates the entrance to this mysterious complex. The trapezoidal niches, carved into the high cliffs, further emphasize the mystery of the place and facilitate its discovery.

Harman Kaya is more than just a natural formation – it is a place steeped in history and culture, captivating us with its beauty and mystery. Visit and immerse yourself in the ancient secrets preserved amidst the rocks of Raven Rock. Read more…






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