Every evening, when the sun hides behind the hills of the Rhodopes, silence descends on the surrounding rocks of the Devil’s Bridge, located 10 km from the city of Ardino. Its name comes from the legend that it finds its magic mirror here. In times of Turkish slavery, while the dark cloud of oppression covers the villages, the story of a beautiful Bulgarian girl unfolds. In love with freedom and full of courage, she chooses to escape from her pursuers.

Just as it reaches the waters of the Arda River, it faces the Devil’s Bridge. Her heart is torn by the strong desire to save her life from capture, and grief and despair rage in her soul. But in moments of greatest trial, something surprising happens. In the middle of the bridge, before the eyes of the Turks who are chasing the young woman, a devilish image floats up. Terrified by the unknown power, they retreat, allowing the girl to escape for her life. Since then, the bridge bears the name “Devil’s” and the legend turns it into a symbol of salvation and strength.

But over the centuries, this ancient bridge became more than just stones stacked on top of each other. Local people share another legend that adds to the mystery of this place. During the construction, a young girl who brought food to the craftsman Usta Dimitar from the village of Nedelino, died under mysterious circumstances. And since everything in the universe is connected, the bridge holds her shadow and keeps her memory.

But the biggest surprise came with the discovery of King Solomon’s seal embedded in one of the keystones in the central arch of the bridge. Specialists are trying to decipher this mystery and are turning their attention to ancient sanctuaries scattered across the Rhodopes that could have a connection to the mysterious bridge.

If you decide to visit the Devil’s Bridge, the locals will warn you that after sunset it is better not to walk on it. A footprint of the devil himself appears in the rocks nearby. And when the weather is clear, the devil’s reflection can be seen in the water gently playing under the bridge. This is the time when the ancient legend comes to life and the magic of Devil’s Bridge fills the air, calling everyone to immerse themselves in its mystique…Read more…





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