The ‘Beli Brezi’ Reserve, a natural park located near the towns of Kardzhali and Ardino. It offers a unique adventure amidst untouched nature. Spanning an area of approximately 3680 hectares, it is home to exceptionally valuable birch forests that captivate visitors with their unparalleled beauty.

The reserve is not only inhabited by birch trees but also features other tree species such as black pine, common spruce, white pine, and beech. This combination of diverse trees provides richness and diversity to the reserve’s ecosystem.

One of the most remarkable features of this place is its clean air. The pristine air quality has a positive impact on individuals suffering from respiratory conditions and various allergies. Visitors can bask in the freshness of nature within the reserve.

The reserve boasts 12 accommodation stations with a total capacity of around 250 beds, ensuring convenience and comfort for guests. Access to the reserve is easy, with options for travel by car or bus. A marked trail leads visitors to the Devil’s Bridge, a unique architectural marvel dating back to the 16th century. Additionally, one can explore the Eagle Rocks, where over 100 carved niches in various sizes and trapezoidal shapes bring the history of the Thracian sanctuary to life.

The ‘Beli Brezi’ Reserve is truly a unique destination, promising visitors an unparalleled experience. With its abundant natural treasures and cultural attractions, it is the perfect getaway for adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers.





village of Glavatartsi, №1, Kardzhali