Cultural and historical tourism

Discover the ancient culture and the tribes that inhabited the lands of “Perperikon” and “Tatul” – the Thracian fortress and sanctuary located near the village of Glavatarci. Experience the enchantment of nature as you explore the natural phenomenon of “The Whirlwind” – a rock cave and niches rising to a height of 30 meters. The Regional Historical Museum in Kardzhali will introduce you to its exhibition, encompassing archaeology, mineralogy, and ethnography. The museum is housed in an antique three-story building, an architectural monument of culture dating back to 1920 when it served as a Muslim spiritual school. In the 1980s, the building was adapted as a museum.

The region also boasts other attractions, including the “Stone Wedding,” which features unique formations created by volcanic activity, the “Moniak” fortress, the “Karangil” cave, the “Vishgrad” fortress, the Cult Complex in the village of Lisitsite, the medieval bridge in the village of Nenkovo, the “Stremtsi Labyrinths,” the natural wonder of the “Rock Window,” the protected area of “Yumruk Skala,” and the medieval monastery complex of “St. John Prodromos.”

Discover the unique combination of cultural and natural landmarks in this region and indulge in the richness of history and nature.



Fishing and hunting tourism

Fishing and hunting tourism are important parts of the attractions you can experience in the area. The reservoir offers excellent conditions for fishing various species of fish, including carp, catfish, grass carp, whitefish, bleak, perch, and others. If you are a fan of this hobby or sport, this is the perfect place for you.

With our assistance, you can organize hunting trips to the Hunting Game Breeding Station “Zhenda” and the Hunting Reserve “Studen Kladenets,” where you can hunt wild boar, red deer, and mouflon. This presents a unique opportunity to embark on an adventure in the wild nature and test your skills as a hunter.



To keep your good mood, there are various restaurants available in the hotels “Roka Resort,” “Glavatar Han,” “Sveti Konstantin,” “Trifon Zarezan,” “Pri Gurka,” and the floating pontoon “Moby Dick.” There, you can enjoy delicious meals and relax after a long day of activities.

The variety of entertainment and tourism options make this place an ideal destination for those seeking an active and fun vacation in nature.


Sights in the region

The “Womb” cave

The "Womb” cave The "Womb" cave is a natural horizontal gap in the rock, 22 meters deep, which was additionally cut by human hands. The height of the hole is 3 meters and the width is about 2.50 m. Enough light penetrates inside. The entire cave is literally shaped...

The rock phenomenon “Stone Wedding”

The rock phenomenon "Stone Wedding" The rock phenomenon "Stone Wedding" is located next to the village of Zimzelen, a few kilometers east of Kardzhali town. The formations extend over an area of about 40 acres and are a truly beautiful sight. Like the Rock Mushrooms...

Archaeological Museum

Archaeological Museum "Kardzhali" Archaeological Museum "Kardzhali" is located near the center of the town of Kardjali. It is next to the exit road to the town of Haskovo. The building was built at the beginning of the 20s of the 20th century. The project was made by...

Monastery “St Joan Podrom”

Monastery "St Joan Podrom" Monastery "St Joan Podrom" was founded in the 6th - 8th century. At the beginning of the 9th century, a fortified monastery was built on the site of a small church, which received the relics of an ecclesiastic. It was the center of one of...

Protected area “Fist Rock”

Protected аrеа "Fist Rock" The protected area "Fist Rock" is located on the northern shore of the Studen Kladenets dam, more or less in the middle of the dam. It was declared as a protected area by Order No. 569/31.10.2000, on the proposal of the BDZP, with the...

Natural landmark “Rock Window”

Natural landmark " Rock Window " The natural landmark " Rock Window " is located near the village of Kostino, 16 km northwest of the town of Kardzhali. It occupies an area of 2 decares in the area of the Great Kostinski valley, near the villages of Krushka and Golyama...

Ancient mines ” Stremski labyrinths”

Ancient mines " Stremski labyrinths" Ancient mines "Stremski labyrinths"are located in the land between the villages of Rani list and Stremtsi in the Eastern Rhodopes. You can get there by a stone-paved path that leads to the village of Sipei. The entrances can be...

Roman bridge near the village of Nenkovo

Roman bridge near the village of Nenkovo In antiquity and the Middle Ages, numerous roads passed through the Eastern Rhodopes. Road arteries are laid along raging mountain rivers. Along the rivers Arda and Borovitsa, the roads connected Filipopol and Edirne. In the...

The Cult Complex “Lisitsite” village

The Cult Complex “Lisitsite” village The Cult Complex “Lisitsite” village is located on the right bank of the "Studen Kladenets" dam. It is part of the cascade of the "Borovitsa" dam, and the "Kardjali" dam. The most convenient approach to it is via the rope bridge...




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