Natural landmark ” Rock Window “

The natural landmark ” Rock Window ” is located near the village of Kostino, 16 km northwest of the town of Kardzhali. It occupies an area of 2 decares in the area of the Great Kostinski valley, near the villages of Krushka and Golyama bara. The rock window is a unique natural phenomenon in the form of a bridge. It hangs in the air, supported by two pillars, with a sail cut from all sides. The canvas is white, built of white limestones, and rises above the columns of the bridge.

How it was formed

The formation of this natural phenomenon began at about the same time as the Rock phenomenon “Stone wedding” was formed. It is located about 19 km southeast of the Rock Window/ and Stone Mushrooms /27 km northeast/, again in Kardzhali district. The beginning of this process dates back to about 50 million years ago. Back then the area was rocked by incessant volcanic activity. As a result of the constant movement of the earth’s layers, certain parts of the earth’s crust rise vertically above sea level. The formation of incredible forms begins under the influence of rain, running water, summer heat and winter cold. The bridge originally had three columns, but natural forces split the web between the second and third columns. Today, the last column resembles a large stone mushroom, the top of which is part of the bridge’s web.

The height of the rock bridge is about 10 m, the length – 15 m, and the width – 7 m. The three columns that make it up are of the same height, built of massive, green, volcanic tuffs without layering. The site has been declared a protected natural landmark by 1970 in order to preserve its natural shape resembling a rock window.


The place is extremely beautiful and attractive for nature lovers. It is suitable for guided hiking as there is a marked trail. Sometimes it is very difficult to follow without someone who knows the area. The trail to the Rock Window starts from one of the bends of the road past the Kardzhali Dam, which is easily accessible by car. However, the terrain further up is difficult and needs to be visited at the right time. During the rainy seasons the water is rough and difficult to cross. The natural phenomenon can also be reached on the Haskovo – Kardjali main road, turning right at the traffic police checkpoint through the village of Skalna Glava. Walking route starts from the Borovitsa hut /12 km/. Read more…






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