The Protected Site “Fist Rock” was announced for a protected area by Order No.569 / 31.10.2000 with the following purpose:

Conservation of populations of protected and endangered species of animals and plants , including Chukar , owl , Roller , rock Swallow , Red-rumped Swallow , eared wheatear , colorful rock thrush , blue rock thrush , warbler , rock nuthatch , white-fronted Nuthatch and others.

Preservation of typical Eastern Rhodopes rock and forest habitats.

The protected area is an area of ​​346 hectares and includes xerothermal oak trees , thorn bushes and hornbeam and chia pet grass communities.The area is essential for the preservation of avifauna. Hers is one of the nesting of griffin used periodically during the years.




village of Glavatartsi, №1, Kardzhali