“Stremski labyrinths” are located in the land between the villages of Rani List and Stremtsi. Next to it is a stoned trail that leads to the village of Sipey. The entrances are visible above. There are very well preserved galleries of mines for gold mining (III-I BC) with a total length of 460 m. The galleries resemble a labyrinth, from where comes their name. The cult to God Dionysus was one of the characteristics of the Rhodope Mountains.

They have been used for the gold and silver mining, the precious metals to which the ancient mountain is extremely rich. One of the largest mines in the ancient world was only 2 km from Perperikon to today’s Stremtsi village. Today, the visitor remains amazed, entering through the ten preserved entrances in the now available more than 500m galleries. A whole hill is literally dug through a dense network of tunnels.




village of Glavatartsi, №1, Kardzhali