The “Womb” cave

The “Womb” cave is a natural horizontal gap in the rock, 22 meters deep, which was additionally cut by human hands. The height of the hole is 3 meters and the width is about 2.50 m. Enough light penetrates inside. The entire cave is literally shaped like a female vulva. In the hole, there is a carved altar about 1.30 m high, which is shaped like the labia minora. A small hole, about 10 cm deep and 5 cm wide, is made in its center. It is cut slightly to the side. The tunnel has an ideal south-north orientation, with its entrance from the south. There is a specially made slit in its ceiling, through which a ray of sunlight falls precisely at 12 o’clock every day. It is visible for several minutes, gradually increasing in size, and moving toward the altar. 


The “Womb” cave is located near the Kardzhali dam, 23 km from the city of Kardzhali. To get to it, you can leave your car near the beginning of the path, which is located 5 km south of the village of Nenkovo. The path falls right in front of the dam, being comfortable, but steep and narrow in places. It can be walked only in the northeast direction, as there are several breaks. At the entrance to the path, there is a place to park the car, as well as a sign. The road from the beginning of the path to the cave is 2.1 kilometers long, and its height difference is a little over 350 meters.

At a certain distance from each other, gazebos have been built for relaxation, from which a beautiful view of the Kardzhali dam and the surrounding area is revealed.  It takes about 1 hour at a normal pace. Read more…





village of Glavatartsi, №1, Kardzhali