The “Womb” cave is a natural horizontal slit in the rock, 22 meters deep, which has been further cut by a human hand. The height of the hole is 3 meters, and the width is about 2.50 meters. There is enough light inside. The whole cave is literally shaped like a female sexual organ. In the distance of the hole there is a carved altar, about 1.30 m tall, which is in the form of small labia. A small hole about 10 centimeters deep and 5 centimeters wide is cut into the center of it. The tunnel is ideally oriented south-north with its entrance from the south. On the ceiling there is a special slit, through which a sunbeam falls every 12 hours every day. It is visible for a few minutes, gradually increasing, moving toward the altar. When growing, the light gets the shape of a phallus. In August, when the cave was first explored, the beam was about 2 meters. In February or early March, however, the sun passes at such a level that the beam extends to 22 meters and enters the hole of the altar. There, the solar phallus stays with a slight flicker for a minute or two. This amazing phenomenon symbolizes fertilization. Read more…




village of Glavatartsi, №1, Kardzhali