Archaeological complex “Tatul”

Deep in the heart of the Rhodope Mountains, just 200 meters from the picturesque village of Tatul and approximately 15 kilometers from Momchilgrad, rises the Thracian sanctuary known as Tatul. This magical site boasts one of the most magnificent megalithic monuments in Bulgaria, not only guarding ancient secrets but also revealing the rich history of the Thracian people.

The sanctuary is composed of a rocky massif upon which a majestic intersecting pyramid proudly stands. The complex consists of two sarcophagi, a rectangular bed for the main altar, and a three-meter well. Dating back to the late 5th to early 4th millennium BCE, the sanctuary unveils its ancient soul through the clay vessels discovered in the region.


Between the 18th and 11th centuries BCE, Tatul experienced its first great flourishing. The rocky pyramid and the tombs surrounding it bear witness to a time when the sanctuary was the center of rituals and sacrifices. Within a circle of clay altars, ceremonies were performed, and hundreds of cult objects, such as clay human idols and spindles, testified to the dedication to Thracian deities. From 2004 to 2007, excavations unearthed unique clay objects associated with solar worship, including three wheels for models of the Celestial Chariot and a part of a golden mask. Despite disputes regarding the exact dating, the complex emerged as both a sanctuary and fortress throughout various epochs.

“A World of Mysteries and Observations”

Beyond being a sanctuary for sacrificial rites, Tatul serves as a historical site for observing the sunrise and sunset on specific days of the year. For instance, during sunrise, the sun penetrates through the “notch” of a special rock cleft. The shape of the highest part of the megalith, a carved semicircle resembling a rising sun, hints at the connection between the sanctuary and the celestial bodies.

Tatul is more than just a stone complex; it is evidence of the ancient link between the Thracian people and the cosmos. Step into Tatul and immerse yourself in the magic of Thracian history that this unique megalithic monument with its pyramidal beauty offers. Read more…





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