There are few cities in Bulgaria who have restored monastery complex. The medieval monastery complex “St. Joan Podrom ” was founded in 6-8 century.In the beginning of the 9th century fortified monastery was built on the site of a small church took the relics of religious figure. It was the center of one of the largest medieval dioceses – Ahridos and is typically Athos style.In it in 1998 the unique tomb is revealed, preserved relics of the senior bishop and parts of gold Textile episcopal vestments from 13 to 14 century. This makes it a value of world importance.The remarcable in this complex are the three temples and two tombs. In the early eleventh century , a complete reconstruction of the monastery , he was distinguished by a unique structure . Built a new wall with square towers at the four corners and the middle of the walls. East of the great church was located the palace of the abbot – Bishop , the Bishop Ahridos.From the lead seals found in the administrative center Perperikon known names of three bishops – Thomas Constantine and Evstatik . In the early 13th century in the west porch was turned into crypt. Read more…




village of Glavatartsi, №1, Kardzhali