Close to Kardzhali is the best preserved medieval castle in the Rhodope Mountains. The “Visegrad” fortress is situated on a high peak, on the right bank of the river Arda, in the “Harman kaya” area. It is an ancient Thracian fortress from IV – I sentury. It guarded a branch of the road from Adrianopol to Philipopolis to the interior of the Rhodope Mountains in the valley of the “Varbitsa” river. The preserved citadel probably resided the governor of the medieval region of Ahridos. It is under the walls of the crusaders led by Marshal Jofrua Villaardouen, and on the left bank of the Arda river, under the fortress “Monyak”, was the camp where Henry was elected, the second Emperor of the Latin Empire. In the 13th century, the Eastern Rhodopes and the region around today’s Kurdzhali became the arena of military operations with the Latin Empire. In the summer of 1206 the crusaders managed to mobilize and began a campaign against the Bulgarian troops led by Tsar Kaloyan. They move along the valley of the Arda River and reach a rich and beautiful valley over which rise towering fortresses. Read more…




village of Glavatartsi, №1, Kardzhali